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What is Acid Erosion?

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There seem to be a lot of toothpaste commercials lately that talk about acid erosion and the damage it can do to your teeth. But these 30-second slots can’t explain exactly what happens, what causes it or how you can really protect your mouth.

Here at Discovery Dental in Shelby, we want all of our patients to have the healthiest teeth possible, so we hope this post will help everyone prevent acid erosion before it starts. At your next appointment Dr. Miller will be more than happy to clear up any questions you may have, so don’t forget to ask. You can even call us today if you think you won’t remember!

Do I Have Acid Erosion?

Every substance that you put in your mouth, including anything you eat or drink, has a pH level that changes how it affects your teeth. If the pH level is lower than 6, the food or drink is classified as acidic, and it will trigger dental erosion in your mouth.

When you drink or eat acidic things, they start to wear away the enamel that protects your teeth. Soon, the sensitive parts of your teeth are exposed, and they can hurt when they come into contact with hot or cold substances. This can also lead to a general “toothache” or pain when chewing.

Causes of Acid Erosion

The worst attackers of tooth enamel are drinks, because they tend to sit in your mouth for a lot longer than foods and often take a while to consume, like when you sip a soda for an hour after dinner.

So which drinks are the worst? Soft drinks and juices are the hardest on your teeth enamel. These beverages are the most acidic for a variety of reasons, and should be consumed wisely to prevent permanent damage to your teeth. If you do consume soft drinks or juice, try not to sip them over a long period of time, and drink water afterwards to wash the acidity out of your mouth.

Tooth Enamel Loss

The big deal with acid erosion is that the loss of tooth enamel is permanent. Once your teeth are damaged, there is no way for us to “regrow” your enamel. What we can do, is take steps to protect your teeth from further erosion, and ease any discomfort your tooth enamel loss may have caused.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, contact us today!