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Scaling and Root Planing

Precise Scaling and Root Planing in Shelby, OH

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 Periodontal disease is no joke, with symptoms like receding gums and lost teeth. Without the proper treatment, you risk costly dental visits and losing your smile. Scaling and root planing in Shelby, OH, is a deep cleaning that treats these symptoms and more.

 At Discovery Dental, we offer scaling and root planing services to mitigate periodontal disease. In addition, our team provides precise and detail-oriented deep cleaning that removes all bacteria under the gums. As a result, we can effectively treat gum disease in combination with additional services.

Why Scaling and Root Planing is Necessary

Nearly 50% of Americans struggle with some form of periodontal disease. Gum disease arises when plaque remains on the teeth after brushing. Your gums become swollen and retract from the teeth, allowing plaque under the gum line.

 Unfortunately, brushing your teeth twice daily will only do so much for periodontal disease. In severe cases, trapped plaque eats away at the bone, causing your teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. Aggressive treatment is necessary to prevent this.

 Scaling and root planing in Shelby, OH, removes bacteria under the gumline and other hard-to-reach places around teeth. This deep cleaning can help prevent severe gum disease and reverse their condition.

 Discovery Dental’s expert dentists understand the importance of scaling and root planing. Therefore, we encourage patients with periodontal disease symptoms to consider these treatments.

Benefits of Tooth and Gum Scaling

The most apparent benefit of tooth and gum scaling is stopping or mitigating severe gum disease. While tooth scaling and root planing seem unnecessary at first, you’ll notice a difference after receiving treatment. Additional benefits of tooth and gum scaling include:

  •     Prevents roots from getting infected: The longer plaque stays below the gumline, the worse your condition gets. Removing trapped plaque and food debris from pockets in your gums keeps roots from deteriorating.
  •     Reduces bleeding gums: Bleeding gums are one of the first signs of periodontal disease. Tooth scaling can remove the bacteria causing their fragility.
  •     Mitigates or resolves symptoms like loose teeth and bad breath: By eliminating bacteria around teeth, your roots and gums have a chance to restore themselves. You’ll notice your teeth become more robust, and other symptoms go away.
  •     Lower risk of losing teeth: As the gum heals and roots strengthen again after a deep periodontal cleaning, your chance of losing teeth significantly decreases. You’ll enjoy a healthier, confident smile.

Scaling and Root Planing Process

Typically, dentists will recommend a deep cleaning if you already have signs of gum disease. However, at Discovery Dental, our scaling and root planing strategy in Shelby, OH, begins with discussing your periodontal disease.

 Your process happens over several appointments. We only clean one side of your mouth at each visit. The following steps for scaling and root planing at Discovery Dental include:

  •       Preparation: We administer numbing agents to keep you comfortable.
  •       Scaling: Your dentist eliminates tartar and plaque on and between teeth, moving downwards towards the gumline. We peel back gums and clean inside each pocket, killing bacteria and flushing away debris.
  •       Root planing: The dentist smooths over the roots to encourage their healing.
  •       Aftercare: We may apply antibiotic gel or prescribe medication to kill leftover bacteria and speed recovery. Our team will instruct you on best aftercare practices and schedule another appointment to monitor your progress.

 At the last scaling and planning appointment, we’ll check your treatment site and see if periodontal disease improves. We’ll also clean your teeth and scale the remaining plaque and tartar.

Get Expert Scaling and Root Planing Services by Discovery Dental

Discovery Dental is your go-to dentist for scaling and root planing in Shelby, OH. Our staff has years of experience treating periodontal disease. Whether you have severe periodontal disease or show minor symptoms, we take your oral health seriously.

 The Discovery Dental team uses state-of-the-art equipment to scale plaque from teeth and smoothen roots. As a result, you’ll receive a precise, painless treatment. We’re also your partners when recovering from gum disease and its treatments.

 Whether it’s your first time with us or your final root planing appointment, you get the same professional service. Our dentists are compassionate and knowledgeable. We’ll answer your questions and keep you comfortable throughout the teeth scaling treatment and recovery process.

 Don’t let periodontal disease ruin your oral health. Instead, reverse it with high-quality scaling and root planing services in Shelby, OH. Contact Discovery Dental’s office for professional yet friendly services at 419-342-4217.