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Check out our new KOR Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Think your teeth are too sensitive for whitening?

Think again!  Dr. Marissa Miller, your Shelby, OH Dentist is now offering the KOR Whitening system, a perfect solution for deep staining, AND for folks who desire whitening for sensitive teeth.  Whether you have staining from smoking, tetracycline, or just everyday wear and tear, KOR Whitening can turn the most difficult cases white again without the usual sensitivity experienced with whitening systems.

For a limited time, Dr. Miller will be offering Shelby, OH area residents $200 towards their KOR Whitening system for deep staining and sensitive teeth, plus the chance to win a take home whitening system for regular maintenance.

To claim this offer, visit and sign up for a FREE Consultation with the Discovery Dental Shelby team, and say YES to whitening for a white hot summer without the sensitivity!