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Fluoride Treatment

What to Know About Fluoride Treatment in Shelby, OH

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Scheduling a professional dental exam is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. At Discovery Dental, we use the latest dental tools and methods to give patients the best possible dental care. 

Our goal is to help patients protect their oral health and learn proper oral hygiene habits. To give your teeth additional protection from cavities and tooth decay, we apply fluoride to the surface of your teeth. Getting a fluoride treatment in Shelby, OH, is an excellent way to polish your teeth while preventing common oral health problems. 

Discovery Dental offers a wide range of dental care services, including preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We welcome patients of all ages and strive to create an engaging atmosphere that helps every patient walk out with a healthy and bright smile. 

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in certain types of food and water. The substance has a longstanding reputation for strengthening tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay. 

For younger patients, it can ensure healthy tooth development. For patients with adult teeth, it can strengthen enamel and protect against cavities and decay.

While some foods have fluoride, others containing sugars and acids can demineralize tooth enamel. As a result, most dental professionals recommend their patients receive a fluoride treatment with every routine dental cleaning or checkup. 

In some cases, patients may receive additional fluoride treatment if they are more prone to tooth decay or cavities. At Discovery Dental, we offer fluoride as a gel, foam, or varnish.

Types of Fluoride Treatments

Topical Fluoride

Topical fluoride is a common treatment form as it goes directly onto the surface of your teeth. You can receive topical fluoride through toothpaste, mouthwash, or dental gel. 

Topical fluoride strengthens teeth by seeping in through the enamel. As a result, it helps teeth become more resistant to decay and cavities. 

Most pediatric dentistry offices recommend that children receive fluoride treatment in Shelby, OH, twice a year. As children’s teeth develop, they are more susceptible to oral health problems like cavities. Applying fluoride to your child’s still developing teeth helps them ensure proper growth and optimum oral health.

In addition, most adult dental offices will also apply fluoride with every professional cleaning. Generally, patients will need to wait a couple of hours to eat after receiving a fluoride treatment. 

Systemic Fluoride

Systemic fluoride works similarly to topical fluoride; however, it also protects teeth still developing below the gum line. Most system fluoride comes from public water supplies and food. You can also find supplement and gel forms. 

In some cases, a dentist may prescribe systemic fluoride drops or supplements. Drops are ideal for young infants, whereas supplements or tablets are best for children and teens.

When giving fluoride to children, it is essential to ensure that they do not consume too much, especially while their teeth are still growing. Doing so can result in white spots on their teeth, a condition is known as fluorosis.

When Do You Need a Fluoride Treatment?

Most patients receive a fluoride treatment with their semi-annual cleaning or checkup. However, other conditions may require additional fluoride, including:

  •     Exposed or sensitive roots
  •     Lack of saliva
  •     Improper oral hygiene 
  •     Significant carbohydrate and sugar intake
  •     Deep fissures and pits on the surface of teeth
  •     Lack of adequate fluoride exposure

Although fluoride is highly effective at strengthening tooth enamel, it cannot prevent tooth decay on its own. The best way to protect your teeth and gums is to brush and floss every day and remember to schedule a professional cleaning at least twice a year.

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A regular dental cleaning and fluoride treatment can help you keep your teeth polished and avoid common oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay. At Discovery Dental, we believe that oral health is just as important as any other part of the body and deserves the best care possible. 

Scheduling a professional dental cleaning twice a year is essential for your oral health. Discovery Dental can help you reach your smile goals by preventing tooth decay and gum disease while keeping your teeth polished and bright.

We provide preventative and restorative dentistry for the whole family. Book your next exam and fluoride treatment in Shelby, OH, by calling Discovery Dental at 419-342-4217.