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Digital X-rays

What to Know About Digital X-Rays in Shelby, OH

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At Discovery Dental, we use the latest dental technology and methods to give our patients the best treatment possible. To get a more in-depth look at your dental structure, we will use digital X-rays. 

Digital X-rays in Shelby, OH, help dental professionals get a better look at your teeth and gums while identifying other common oral health concerns. 

What Are Digital X-Rays?

X-ray imaging is a 100-year-old tool used by medical professionals across various healthcare industries. These days, we use high-end digital X-rays to create detailed images of your teeth and gums. We can create a readable image within ten seconds and can immediately send the image to any computer. 

Back then, X-ray images took time to develop a clear picture. Thanks to the advances of modern technology, we can capture detailed images of your mouth immediately, which means patients no longer have to wait for their X-ray images to develop. 

Today, dentists use digital X-rays to monitor diseases like cancer and osteoporosis. Digital X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to pass through your body and create a digitized image of your internal structure. Since bones are incredibly dense, they absorb most radiation, making them appear white in the digital picture. 

X-Ray Imaging with Contrast Medium

X-rays that use a contrast medium can capture more detailed images of soft tissue and blood vessels. Since traditional X-rays only capture images of the bones, dentists and physicians will use a contrast medium to capture images of blood vessels, intestines, and other soft tissues. 

X-ray images with a contrast medium create a more detailed picture for medical professionals to detect and diagnose various medical conditions. In addition, like traditional X-rays, images using a contrast medium develop quickly, which means less waiting time for patients. 

What Does X-Ray Imaging Detect?

Since X-rays emit very little radiation, they are completely painless. The first line of X-ray screening lets doctors view a basic image of your body without needing more intensive imaging from CT scans or MRIs. 

Doctors use X-rays in Shelby, OH, to detect a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  •     Lung cancer
  •     Bone fractures
  •     Tuberculosis
  •     Heart failure
  •     Kidney stones
  •     Infections
  •     Lung cancer
  •     Blood vessel blockage

What Can I Expect During an X-Ray Procedure?

How to Prepare for an X-Ray

To prepare for a digital X-ray procedure, you should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Your X-ray technician may ask you to remove clothing items with buttons, metal embellishments, and thick embroidery. Patients will also not wear glasses or metal accessories during the procedure. 

Additionally, if you are getting an X-ray of your midsection, you may need to fast before the procedure. Your physician will give you preparation instructions before your digital X-ray procedure. 

What Happens During the Procedure

You will either lie down on a table or stand for most digital X-rays in Shelby, OH. Your technician will continue to communicate with you throughout the imaging procedure to ensure that they get a clear picture. 

Digital X-rays are extremely quick and only take about 15 minutes to complete. Your doctor will review the results with you and determine whether or not you need further testing or imaging. 

Benefits of Digital X-Rays 

  1. They use little radiation.
  2. They create detailed images for doctors to use for diagnosis.
  3. They are extremely quick.
  4. They are painless.
  5. There is no discomfort.

Digital X-rays use advanced technology to create detailed images for better healthcare. Not only do they produce quick images, but they allow doctors to get a more clear picture of your health and quickly diagnose various medical conditions. 

Additionally, digital images allow medical teams to work together and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Medical professionals will often use a collection of X-rays images over time to monitor the progress of various diseases and alter medical treatments when necessary. 

Schedule Your Next Digital X-Ray in Shelby, OH

Digital X-rays provide state-of-the-art imaging to help medical professionals improve healthcare and provide more accurate diagnoses. For example, at Discovery Dental, we use digital X-rays to analyze your teeth and gums while looking for signs of oral cancer and other diseases or conditions. 

Our staff is passionate about providing the best care possible by creating a welcoming environment and using high-end treatments. We welcome patients of all ages and treat a wide range of dental issues ranging from tooth decay to traumatic injury. 

We use digital X-rays in Shelby, OH, to provide premium dental care for all of our patients. Call Discovery Dental at 419-342-4217 to schedule your family’s next appointment.