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We Use Advanced Dental Technology in Shelby, OH

Let us use advanced technology to address your dental needs.

Advances in dental technology make it easier for dentists in Shelby, OH, to provide you with treatment options that address your unique needs. Our team at Discovery Dental utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to serve our patients better.

Find out more about the tools we use to improve your dental experience today. Set up an appointment today by calling 419-342-4217.

We Get Information About Your Teeth With Digital X-Rays

We understand that many people dislike the traditional x-ray experience. Fortunately, advances associated with digital x-rays have made the process much more comfortable. For example, our x-ray technology uses rounded edges for the blanks you place in your mouth, allowing you to avoid discomfort. 

Digital x-ray technology also works faster than traditional options. In addition, our digital x-rays use 90% less radiation than silver oxide x-rays, traditionally used in dental practices around the country. 

The digital x-ray machine transmits the images of your teeth and jaw automatically to our computers, so we don’t need to spend time developing the images with dangerous solutions.

Instead, Dr. Miller can quickly adjust the images, enlarge the x-rays, and highlight points of interest while making a diagnosis. 


Allow Us To View Your Teeth With an Intraoral Camera

Our team uses an intraoral camera to magnify pictures of the inside of your mouth. This camera is tiny. However, despite its size, it allows us to magnify images up to 40 times their original size, allowing us to see issues that might not even show up on an x-ray.

We focus on providing preventative oral healthcare in Shelby. Detecting minor problems before they grow allows us to act quickly. In addition, we use the results of the photos to provide more advice about your home oral healthcare routine. 

Let Us Plan Your Treatment With an iTero Scanner

Discovery Dental also utilizes an intraoral scanner called iTero. This technology allows us to obtain impressions of your teeth digitally. We often use these scans when planning out dental treatments for our patients. Using this scanner, we offer our new patients a wellness scan to identify any underlying oral health issues.

The iTero scanner is useful for patients who wish to straighten their teeth with Invisalign aligners. The digital impression allows us to record the current alignment of your teeth, avoiding goopy physical impressions which can be uncomfortable for the patient. 

Scans may also help our team plan out the placement of dental implants if you want to replace a tooth or place a bridge. 

We Value Advances in Dental Technology

Technological advances make it easier for our team to provide you with the care you deserve in Shelby. We explain the technology we use to help you feel more comfortable with the procedures before beginning. 

Our team focuses on using every tool at our disposal to support your continued oral health. 

Allow Us To Utilize Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

Want to learn more about the dental technology we use in Shelby, OH? Just reach out to our Discovery Dental team today by calling 419-342-4217. We’ll provide you with answers to your questions and help you set up an appointment.