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Dental Insurance in Shelby, OH

Discovery Dental accepts most forms of dental insurance. However, at this time we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Whether caused by infection, or injury, dental procedures can be an unexpected expense that many families don’t have the resources to handle. However, dental insurance in Shelby, OH, can help families cope with costs. 

If you are worried about paying your dental bills, you should obtain dental insurance. Avoid putting off necessary dental procedures or skimp on other expenses required to cover dental bills. Take some time to consider how dental insurance in Shelby, OH, can help you manage your dental care expenses. 

Can I Afford Quality Dental Care?

Dental procedures can be expensive, but American homeowners have some resources at their disposal to make them more affordable.  

Dental insurance in Shelby, OH, can be an essential tool in helping patients budget for dental care, including routine dental procedures like x-rays, examinations, and cleaning. In addition, by covering preventative care, insurance policies make it easier to stop dental problems like gum disease, cavities, and infections in the early stages before they become difficult and expensive to fix. 

Understanding Dental Insurance in Shelby, OH

Dental insurance policies vary in what they cover and the extent of their coverage. When you are evaluating candidate insurance policies, be sure to consider essential policy details, such as:

  •     the premiums, which are the amounts you pay each month for coverage.
  •     the deductible, which is the dollar amount you have to pay on your own before dental insurance begins to cover some dental costs 
  •     which dental procedures they cover
  •     what percentage of each dental care product or service they cover
  •     if there is a cap on coverage

When you enroll in dental insurance or take a job that provides dental care, you should receive information about the coverage that the plan offers online or in paper form. Read the information carefully and consider switching to a new plan if it does not meet your needs.

It is vital to have clear communication with your dental insurance company. If you have a question about your dental benefits or the company denied you coverage, you should be able to speak with a representative and resolve the issue quickly. 

Finding Quality Dental Insurance

The options open to you for finding dental insurance in Shelby, OH, depending on what types of dental plan your employer and state marketplace provide. If you do not have dental insurance, there are many options available: 

  •     Many employers offer dental insurance along with health insurance and vision care
  •     Employer-provided coverage might be available at no cost or a substantial discount 
  •     American patients without employer-provided coverage can find dental coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace.

Submitting Claims

Different insurance companies might handle claims in different ways. Your dentist will often charge you a co-pay and bill the insurance company for the remainder. When you receive dental treatment, If the insurance company denies the claim, your dentist might bill you for some or all of the remaining cost. On the other hand, you might pay the bill up front and submit a claim to the insurance company.

Other Payment Options

Many patients with and without dental insurance have difficulty paying their dental bills. If you have trouble paying your bill or expect to have a problem, talk to your dentists about other options.


We offer financing with CareCredit or financial institutions that lend money to dental patients. If the financing or credit terms involve an interest-free period, try to pay down the balance before the end of that period to avoid interest charges. 

If you have questions about financing, your dentist or your dentist’s customer service representative should be able to explain the terms in plain language. Ask Discovery Dental about dental insurance in Shelby, OH.

Financial options/insurance

Dental Savings Plan

A dental savings plan allows you to save up money for dental procedures in advance. Patients typically receive a substantial discount for products and procedures that they pay for with a dental savings plan.

Ask Discovery Dental in Shelby, OH, about your insurance options.

Discovery Dental and Dental Insurance in Shelby, OH

Discovery Dental accepts most forms of dental insurance in Shelby, OH. To get in touch with Discovery Dental about dental procedures, dental services, your oral health, or insurance and payment options, call us at 419-342-4217 during business hours.