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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Shelby, OH

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Losing a tooth impacts your smile’s appearance in significant ways. Fortunately, you have options to replace missing teeth, fill in gaps and help you feel more confident about each smile. Our team at Discovery Dental handles dental bridges in Shelby, OH.

Allow Dr. Marissa Miller to explain this form of restorative dentistry when you reach out to us. Then, we can help you determine if dental bridges are the right choice for your oral healthcare needs.

Get the Basic Facts about Dental Bridges in Shelby

A dental bridge consists of several components, depending on your selected bridge. Traditional bridges attach to dental crowns placed on teeth on either side of the gap left by missing teeth.

These bridges connect to a prosthetic that replaces one or more teeth, as long as they’re missing in a single row. Next, Dr. Miller adheres a traditional bridge into place with cement and checks the fit of the bridge for comfort.

Implant-Supported Bridges in Shelby

Advances in dental technology offer you options when it comes to bridges. For example, some patients select implant-supported bridges.

These bridges connect to one or more metal posts implanted into your jaw. If you only have one implant, they work like a cantilever bridge. However, Dr. Miller may recommend multiple post implantations for support if multiple teeth are missing.

These bridges provide stability, and some patients prefer them because they do not require Dr. Miller to place crowns on any other teeth.

Reasons to Choose Dental Bridges in Shelby

Dental bridges in Shelby, OH, offer you several significant benefits. Patients with bridges chew food more efficiently. Bridges also:

  •       Stop your teeth from shifting improperly
  •       Lower your risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease
  •       Look natural and improve your smile
  •       Reduce the odds of tooth decay

Bridges often provide you with more stability than dentures, and they usually last a long time. Find out if a dental bridge is a good choice for you by reaching out to Dr. Miller today.

Steps We Take to Place Your Dental Bridge

Placing a traditional dental bridge usually requires two stages of treatment. First, Dr. Miller carefully prepares your natural teeth by:

  •       Cleaning both teeth
  •       Removing a portion of your existing teeth
  •       Taking an impression of your teeth
  •       Placing temporary crowns over the teeth

You keep the temporary crowns in place until we receive your permanent crowns. Once we have the permanent crowns, you’ll come in for your second appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Miller will replace the temporary crowns and secure your bridge into position.

Stay Comfortable During Your Dental Procedures

Dr. Miller understands that many patients feel concerned about the procedure during dental appointments. Therefore, we take care to manage your discomfort or potential pain during placing bridges.

We generally use anesthesia when installing traditional bridges since they involve using crowns. We advise you on dealing with any discomfort you may feel after the procedure, allowing you to recover quickly here in Shelby.

Take Care of Your Dental Bridge in Shelby

Bridges can last for many years if you care for them properly. Ensure that you regularly brush and floss the teeth around the bridge and the bridge itself. Dr. Miller may also provide you with specific instructions regarding cleaning the space under the bridge.

We recommend that you set up regular dental appointments to allow Dr. Miller to assess the condition of your bridge. Depending on the bridge you select, your care instructions may vary slightly in Shelby.

Materials Used to Create Bridges in Shelby

Dentists may use a variety of different materials to create dental bridges. However, porcelain remains one of the most popular options because it gives the bridge a realistic appearance, making it look like your natural teeth.

You do not have to select porcelain. You may also choose non-precious alloys or gold alloys. Metal alloys often provide increased strength and durability. Discuss these options with our professional team today.

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